Dealing With the Hand You’re Dealt

I’d be lying if I said this was the type of post I want to make on my blog these days.  I really don’t want this to be a place where I whine.  Unfortunately sometimes that’s where your head space is.  It’s where mine is today.  I promise I won’t be overly whiny about all of this but if you don’t want to deal with any of it, now’s the time to hit the back button.  I won’t be offended.  Next post, I’ll be a little more upbeat.

My move down to Nashville has not been easy thus far.  There’s been a lot of down moments while I’ve been here but for the most part I’ve handled them quite well.  However, I was truly hopeful by March 1st, I was going to be on my way out of this nightmare.  Well, it’s March 1st and I’m not.  I was close.  Didn’t happen.  But I’m still for all intents and purposes unemployed.  I’m still living in my parents’ basement.  What a winner I am!  Wooo!

It hasn’t been all bad.  My parents have been great.  I was very concerned there were going to be some issues here and while there have been a few bumps in the road, I think each of us have handled it extremely well.  I can’t say enough how lucky I am to have the parents that I do.  I’ve met some great people and some old friends are down here as well.  I don’t know what I’d do without my boys in the Music City Chorus, and some great friends both new and old who are down here.  Some of them in particular have gone above and beyond.  I also have worked which is such a plus and gets my head out of the depressing depths that I possibly could get stuck in all the time.  Dianne and the people at Counsel on Call have been great to me.  The fact that I’m able to work wherever on this contract job is fantastic.  Of course, catching a cold this week has kinda pushed me to just work at home.  Hopefully next week I can go hang out at a coffee shop or something for half a day.  That would be great.

Believe me, I know that there are people who have it a lot worse than I do.  However, I won’t deny that it’s been a rough three or four years.  I haven’t had a lot of things I can put in my win column in awhile.  (Yes, the whole “Ryan not having esophageal cancer” thing was pretty frikkin huge.)  It would be nice to have a victory that sticks.  I don’t put the blame on anyone but myself for where I’m at right now.  But its been four months that I’ve been in this head space and almost three down here.  I am so ready to start anew.

So, I’m recommitting myself.  By Tax Day, I will have a full-time position.  It will happen.  You can bet your sweet bippee on that one.  

Yeah, I went Laugh-In on your bippees.  Deal with it.

Now really, was that that bad?  Have a good one, friends!  (Or as my good friend Brenden would say, “Campenites, unite!”)


One thought on “Dealing With the Hand You’re Dealt

  1. Ryan, I know that things will turn around soon for you. Just remember – Everything always works out in the end; If it’s not working out yet, then it’s not the end yet!

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