I think it’s safe to say after 310 days of living here, I’ve finally arrived in Nashville.

It’s been a crazy year.  In that time, I’ve lost my job, my apartment, made a life-changing decision to move 444.8 miles from my friends and almost everything I’ve known, gone through a major job search that was at times frustrating, and at others, just downright devastating, felt bleakly alone more often than not and just was at times wondering just what the hell it was I was doing.

But you know what?  If this hasn’t been the best year of my life so far, I don’t know what would be.

I moved to Nashville – arguably the music capital of the world!
I’ve performed with the seventh-ranked Barbershop Chorus in the year!
I’ve seen some fantastic musical acts including getting a huge one off of my bucket list by seeing Paul McCartney!
I’ve gotten much closer with my family!
I’ve reconnected with God!
I’ve made some great friends and started some amazing relationships both personally and professionally!
I work for a great institution in a job I enjoy and can do!

I am, let’s face it, happy.  *gasp*

To that end, I’ve made the decision to relaunch my blog.  There’s no question I jumped the gun on this blog to begin with.  When I got down here, I was very doom and gloomy.  Looking back at my entries, they weren’t that bad in what I wrote.  My head space at the time?  Just not healthy.  In my mind, I had a dearth of depression and nothing more to talk about than that and movies and TV.  I didn’t want to share that with you.

Besides, how boring would that be for a blog that’s supposed to be about living in Nashville?

Particularly in the past six weeks, I’ve done so much and actually have stuff to talk about!  So as my life is slowing down just a smidge I’m going to have the time to put pen to paper and actually talk in more detail than my little Facebook blurbs.  So what to expect?  Well, I’ll be trying to do one or two entries a week trying to catch up with everything I’ve done down here (and there is a lot) and even some trips back up north and elsewhere.

Also I’ll be redesigning the blog.  This black/gray bleakness?  Yeah… kinda goes against the feel I want this to be.  I may even rename it.  It’s a little cumbersome.  Cute.  But cumbersome.

It’ll be a fun ride.  A lot more than before and I’m anxious to be sharing it with ya’all.

See that?  I even say ya’all now!

Stay tuned!